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Service Excellence at Apollo Hospitals is must do imperative. Apollo Hospitals benchmarks with the best among the world鈥檚 service organizations to create a culture of 体育盘口 Engagement with a service vision of 鈥淥ffering Care beyond Compare鈥. Our biggest asset is our engaged workforce that takes pride in their work and ensures that every transaction is converted into memorable experience for our 体育盘口s.

Six Pillars that drive Service Culture in Apollo Hospitals

Voice of Customer Process

  1. A robust feedback mechanism that has all the listening and learning ports available to capture 体育盘口 feedback from all touch points
  2. Partnered with Gallup to benchmark customer feedback with the best in class Hospitals Globally
  3. Specially In- House customized framework that captures feedback and converts them into qualitative & quantitative data that are used for developing new products and services to drive 体育盘口 Experience
  4. Awarded the Best Innovation in Service Delivery by AIMA in 2013 & Hospital Management Awards in 2014
  5. AIFS (Apollo Instant Feedback System), our new service innovation that captures feedback at the Point of Service.

Centralized Post Discharge Calling:

  1. A unique concept that has been initiated to find out true patient voice after they get discharged from the Hospitals.
  2. A dedicated team of Health care professionals who are trained & quipped to provide assistance to 体育盘口s post their discharge with regards to future appointments and medication management.
  3. Feedback captured during post discharge calling used for Quality & Training purposes.

Tender Loving Care:

  1. Has been our guiding motto of the organization from inception.
  2. The art of TLC has been converted into a science using ADCA framework
  3. All front line associates are empowered and trained to convert daily transactions into memorable stories
  4. 15000+ stories are created every month across the group
  5. A coffee table book is crafted once is two years which has best 100 moments that has been done for our 体育盘口s

Dial 30

  1. A one- touch button that is provided to all In- 体育盘口s & Attenders to take care of non- medical needs.
  2. Every request is tracked against an SLA to improve Service Efficiencies
  3. A unique innovation designed to increase nursing bandwidth to spread more quality time with the 体育盘口
  4. Request tracked through this system are visited once in a quarter for process re- engineering

Service Standards

  1. 1005 Critical to Customer Standards developed for In- 体育盘口s/ Out- 体育盘口s/ Personalized Health Check-up/ Facility Management & Apollo Look
  2. All associates are trained through a digital platform on these prescribed standards
  3. After successful completion of their training they are assessed and certified which is renewed once every year.
  4. Apollo Hospitals have been able to raise the bar on 体育盘口 Experience by strong adoption and razor edge deployment

Human Sigma

  1. 1st in India to adopt Human Sigma by mapping customer and employee engagement to the Gallup S methodology
  2. This recognizes exceptional leadership that understands that engaging employees drives real business outcomes
  3. Apollo now among globally recognized organizations for mastering how to engage workforce to deliver business growth
  4. Apollo uses this frame work to hire the 鈥淩ight Talent for the Right Job鈥
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