Two New Summer Releases!

As a heatwave continues its never-ending assault on the midwest, TDH is excited to announce two brand new, ultra-cool releases to chill out those unsightly sweat stains.  The first is a limited cassingle by Empty Orchestra keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, Pam.  Her newest cassingle, “Two Songs about Animals,” is an eerie, electronic thrill ride that explores the difficult relationships between predators and their prey.  Out of an edition of 50 on translucent red or translucent brown w/ gold screws. (We had to dig deeply to find a color this awesome.)

Our second release is TDH’s very first foray into the publishing world.  We’re excited to announce City of Progress, Michigan poet John Duffy’s first collection of poems in six years.  What begins as a meditation on duty, order, and the body, slowly breaks down into a collage of voices from beyond the map.  The work here is terse and uses a style that subtly evokes American greats like Robert Creeley, Jim Carroll, and Nick Flynn among others.  This first edition is out of 100 and features a full-color vellum jacket as well as cover artwork by Grand Rapids-based artist Pat Perry.

Both releases are available now in the TDH store