Two New Releases in Time for the Holidays

TDH is handling the cassette release of Braided Veins‘ newest Future/Forever EP, which many people have said nice things about.  The tracks were recorded by Swellers frontman Nick Diener and feature members of The Swellers, Kid Brother Collective, The Conqueror Worm, and Empty Orchestra.  This version is different from the beautiful vinyl version and features alternative art by Dave Kloc, in-between track samples, a live bonus track, a really long fold out lyrics insert, and mono mixes throughout.  On high-bias, hand-stamped, white cassettes and highly limited.  $6ppd, or show up to the record release on Saturday 12/21 at the Flint Local 432.

The second release is a live recording from the September 7th, 2013 show at Trinosophes featuring Arizona psych monsters Destruction Unit.  The show was recorded straight to 4-track tape and bounced down to high-bias cassette w/o any computer interference.  Experimental music & experimental recording methods have come together in this totally unique package.  The result is LOUD, spaced-out, heavy drones with aggressive riffage and big room sounds.  A few copies will also be for sale on the DU merch table.  Very limited, on trans red.  $6ppd

Both cassettes available for purchase in the store.

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