Out Now: WarWarWar and BK Kids Club

Two exciting new Summer releases available now for your listening pleasure.

photo 1Beg is the first release from WarWarWar, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Sam Boyhtari (who also performs as the guitarist of Pines).  Beyond the craft of the songwriting–which is certainly on display here–the record stands on its own as a singular work; its songs seem precisely sequenced to provide a particular kind of listening experience.  At times the arrangements seem so delicate that the listener isn’t sure if the verse will complete, or the chorus will conclude.  And yet, almost as quickly as they dissolve, the wandering melodies blossom into something delightfully unexpected. This is a record with roots in the American Folk Tradition, but its feel is also informed by Romantic despair and Kaputt-era Destroyer (sans ambient disco stuff).  Clocking in at nearly 60 minutes (our longest release yet!) this one is not to be missed.  Dubbed on white, high-bias cassettes with hand-stamped A-Sides and white plastic cases.

photo 2(4)Only physically available as a cassette tape, Coats is the immensely popular digital LP from solo electropop act BK Kids Club.  Effortlessly blending nowave irreverence with Whitesnake bombast, BKKC creates angular, agitated, and utterly unforgettable dance records.  Coats shows the band working in the familiar EDM idiom by relying on tried-and-true instrumentation (see octave bass and heart-pounding 808 samples).  But pushing beyond the familiar, the record constantly surprises with oddball sonic experimentation vis-à-vis deep cut microsample loops, homemade sound devices, and multi-track vocal soars.  The result is an exhilarating thrill-ride with high highs and big heart.  Dubbed on “limo-tint” high-bias cassettes with white plastic cases and original album art by Indoor Yeti.

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