War War War – I Saw an Angel, I Buried Its Body

TDH is proud to announce a cassette release of War War War‘s newest full-length, I Saw an Angel, I buried Its Body.

Multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Sam Boytari has spent the last several years composing his newest collection of immensely memorable songs.  They combine haunting arrangements with imagist lyrics and rely on sweeping soundscapes that arrive and disappear at just the right time.  Stand-alone, these tracks are like ships in bottles: they’re carefully constructed, nuanced models of larger, scarier worlds.  Their composition seems deceptively simple until listeners begin to grapple with the myriad challenges that were necessary for their production.  As a collection of songs, this record shows off its large-scale ambitions with impeccable production.  Stream the whole thing via the WWW bandcamp page, check ’em out live, and pick up a tape if you’re so inclined.  Available in two shell colors: opaque yellow and clear w/ red leaders.



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