This Deadly House is an independent record label and book publisher located in suburban Detroit.  We specialize in 7” vinyl records, tapes, lyric broadsides, and limited edition chapbooks.

What is today This Deadly House began as a creative outlet for independent bands in Flint, MI in the late 1990s, and it was born out of pure necessity.  Bands formed, played shows, and wanted to share their music in an era long before streaming, social media, and access to free recording technology.  Armed with little more than a queasy dream, a group of bored teens acquired a dual-well cassette deck, a 1/4″ 4-track tape machine, and a DIY ethos.  They dubbed tapes all night and distributed them to their friends.  Then it was the year 2000, and someone got a CD-burner.

Today, TDH represents twenty years of independent recording and distribution in mid and southeast Michigan.