War War War – I Saw an Angel, I Buried Its Body

TDH is proud to announce a cassette release of War War War‘s newest full-length, I Saw an Angel, I buried Its Body.

Multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Sam Boytari has spent the last several years composing his newest collection of immensely memorable songs.  They combine haunting arrangements with imagist lyrics and rely on sweeping soundscapes that arrive and disappear at just the right time.  Stand-alone, these tracks are like ships in bottles: they’re carefully constructed, nuanced models of larger, scarier worlds.  Their composition seems deceptively simple until listeners begin to grapple with the myriad challenges that were necessary for their production.  As a collection of songs, this record shows off its large-scale ambitions with impeccable production.  Stream the whole thing via the WWW bandcamp page, check ’em out live, and pick up a tape if you’re so inclined.  Available in two shell colors: opaque yellow and clear w/ red leaders.




Power Nap is Over; Get Ready for Stuff

Hey.  Winter caught us off guard, but we’re officially back in action. From the creative force that brought you Teen Lust, check out Teaheads‘ new record, “If You’re June, I’m November.”  The LP and cassettes are handled by other fine folks, but the CDs are available via the TDH store, and also via the Teaheads’ merch table during their July tour (dates below).

In other news, audio/video project Kriss Gaynes‘ new record, Monument River, is available as CD and digital download here and here, respectively.  Check them out live in Flint on July 3rd as part of FREE CITY 2015, a public art exhibition being held at the Chevy Commons site.

Teaheads on Tour – Summer 2015
July 10-Flint, MI @ Flint Local 432
July 11-Wyandotte, MI @ The Rockery
July 12-Kent, OH @The Stone Tavern
July 13-Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s
Juy 14-Manhattan NYC, NY @ Bowery Electric
July 15-Wilmington, NC @ Juggling Gypsy
July 16-Charlotte, NC @ The Rabbit Hole
July 17-Knoxville, TN @ Longbranch Saloon
July 18-Anniston, AL @ The Caldwell Tavern
July 19-Huntsville, AL @ The Palace
July 21-Memphis, TN @ The Brass Door
July 22-Murfreesboro, TN @ Mayday Brewery
July 23-Peoria, IL @ The Warp Zone
July 24-Dekalb, IL @ 7th Street
July 25-Howell, MI @TBA
July 26-Port Huron, MI @SchwonkSoundStead

Happy New Year: New Releases and Represses

Second presses are back with WarWarWar’s debut Beg on beautiful cobalt blue-shelled cassettes and Teen Lust’s S/T full-length on clear with reflective blue insert.  Find them in the store or pick them up at any of their upcoming shows.  Teen Lust is in Flint on February 7th and WarWarWar is playing February 21st.

A few exciting new releases are right around the corner, including releases from Kriss Gaynes and the inimitable Sonny & the Sunsets.  Stay in touch, will you?

Van Thrasher – Deep Ride cassette OUT NOW, Destruction Unit SOLD OUT

vthrash new tapeEarlier this year we released Temple of Rats, a long-lost paean to punk that was only recently unearthed in a west London basement by the band’s vocalist, Nicotine Rick.  Due to the unprecedented overseas praise of their re/released debut record–some 28 years after its initial pressing–Rick is back with the original Temple lineup to present Deep Ride, the band’s first record of new material in nearly three decades.  A twelve track sonic assault that mixes equal parts thrash, crash, doom, and gloom, Rick says these new tracks are “for the scene, but mostly for Todd [St. Cloud].  None of this would have been possible had it not been for the support of Bad Manners back in ’86.”  Dubbed in mono on clear shells with black foil inserts and full color jcard.

Bad news: Destruction Unit tapes are all gone on our end.  Check them out live and see if you can get one at their table.

Out Now: Teen Lust S/T on Cassette and CD

photo(4)We’re excited to announce that Flint, MI punk trio Teen Lust will be releasing their self-titled full length tonight at the Flint Local 432.  TDH is handling the cassette release, which features a deluxe fold-out j-card and hand-stamped red logo on white, high-bias cassettes.  We’re also releasing a limited batch of compact disks (our first CD!), produced in conjunction with our pals at Indoor Yeti.  Come out tonight and celebrate this exciting release!  If not, check back soon for order information in the store.  Or, better yet, make it out to see Teen Lust on their tour of the midwest.  Dates below:

7/18 – Flint, MI – Flint Local 432
7/19 – Chicago, IL – House Show (contact for address)
7/20 – Peoria, IL – Pizza Works
7/21 – Bloomington, OH – Rachel’s Cafe
7/22 – Columbus, OH – Bernie’s
7/23 – Kent, OH – Stone Tavern
7/24 – Athens, OH – Pink Mistress
7/25 – Wyandotte, MI – The Rockery

Out Now: WarWarWar and BK Kids Club

Two exciting new Summer releases available now for your listening pleasure.

photo 1Beg is the first release from WarWarWar, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Sam Boyhtari (who also performs as the guitarist of Pines).  Beyond the craft of the songwriting–which is certainly on display here–the record stands on its own as a singular work; its songs seem precisely sequenced to provide a particular kind of listening experience.  At times the arrangements seem so delicate that the listener isn’t sure if the verse will complete, or the chorus will conclude.  And yet, almost as quickly as they dissolve, the wandering melodies blossom into something delightfully unexpected. This is a record with roots in the American Folk Tradition, but its feel is also informed by Romantic despair and Kaputt-era Destroyer (sans ambient disco stuff).  Clocking in at nearly 60 minutes (our longest release yet!) this one is not to be missed.  Dubbed on white, high-bias cassettes with hand-stamped A-Sides and white plastic cases.

photo 2(4)Only physically available as a cassette tape, Coats is the immensely popular digital LP from solo electropop act BK Kids Club.  Effortlessly blending nowave irreverence with Whitesnake bombast, BKKC creates angular, agitated, and utterly unforgettable dance records.  Coats shows the band working in the familiar EDM idiom by relying on tried-and-true instrumentation (see octave bass and heart-pounding 808 samples).  But pushing beyond the familiar, the record constantly surprises with oddball sonic experimentation vis-à-vis deep cut microsample loops, homemade sound devices, and multi-track vocal soars.  The result is an exhilarating thrill-ride with high highs and big heart.  Dubbed on “limo-tint” high-bias cassettes with white plastic cases and original album art by Indoor Yeti.