Winter 2014 / New Releases – Read Carefully

We’ve been getting a slew of emails about potential releases, and we’re happy to announce two exciting collections, one new and one old.

Desolate - AloneVan Thrasher - Temple of Rats

Under his Desolate moniker, Flint, Michigan multi-instrumentalist Tyler Rigdon has produced Alone, a nine track instrumental collection that engages equal parts Pet Sounds, Amon Düül, and Low-era Bowie.  Each track has its own sonic identity, yet the whole record comes together to create a cohesive statement that translates perfectly into the 10khz brick wall world of cassette mastering.  This release features clear cassettes w/ blue foil interiors housed inside opaque blue cases.  Color cardstock inner j-card w/ color vellum outers, too.  Very cool.

About three months ago, we were contacted by a man who goes by the name “Nicotine Rick,” the vocalist of long-defunct early 80s British hardcore band Van Thrasher.  Apparently, VT was only active for 9 months before its members disbanded to pursue other musical projects.  Their only full-length, Temple of Rats, was pressed by Rick’s longtime friend, Todd St. Cloud (the mastermind behind the now infamous Bad Manners label).  After St. Cloud’s death, most of the LPs melted in a terrible fire, and the record has been out of print ever since.  Now, 28 years later, TDH is excited to announce the reissue of Temple of Rats on clear high-bias cassettes with red foil inserts and b&w j-cards that feature the original album art.  12 tracks in just under 10 minutes.  It’s brutal… and very limited.  Get one before we run out.

CD version of Temple of Rats is out via Indoor Yeti in the next few weeks, too.


Braided Veins Future/Forever EP cassette is SOLD OUT

Good news & bad news: The Braided Veins cassette release for their Future/Forever EP is all gone on our end.  A few copies are still available via the band’s merch table and the merch store at the Flint Local 432, though.  Thanks to everyone who picked up tapes at one of the recent live shows, or mail-ordered via the TDH store.  For anyone interested in the vinyl version, you can pick up a copy via Save Your Generation Records.

Two New Releases in Time for the Holidays

TDH is handling the cassette release of Braided Veins‘ newest Future/Forever EP, which many people have said nice things about.  The tracks were recorded by Swellers frontman Nick Diener and feature members of The Swellers, Kid Brother Collective, The Conqueror Worm, and Empty Orchestra.  This version is different from the beautiful vinyl version and features alternative art by Dave Kloc, in-between track samples, a live bonus track, a really long fold out lyrics insert, and mono mixes throughout.  On high-bias, hand-stamped, white cassettes and highly limited.  $6ppd, or show up to the record release on Saturday 12/21 at the Flint Local 432.

The second release is a live recording from the September 7th, 2013 show at Trinosophes featuring Arizona psych monsters Destruction Unit.  The show was recorded straight to 4-track tape and bounced down to high-bias cassette w/o any computer interference.  Experimental music & experimental recording methods have come together in this totally unique package.  The result is LOUD, spaced-out, heavy drones with aggressive riffage and big room sounds.  A few copies will also be for sale on the DU merch table.  Very limited, on trans red.  $6ppd

Both cassettes available for purchase in the store.

Two New Summer Releases!

As a heatwave continues its never-ending assault on the midwest, TDH is excited to announce two brand new, ultra-cool releases to chill out those unsightly sweat stains.  The first is a limited cassingle by Empty Orchestra keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, Pam.  Her newest cassingle, “Two Songs about Animals,” is an eerie, electronic thrill ride that explores the difficult relationships between predators and their prey.  Out of an edition of 50 on translucent red or translucent brown w/ gold screws. (We had to dig deeply to find a color this awesome.)

Our second release is TDH’s very first foray into the publishing world.  We’re excited to announce City of Progress, Michigan poet John Duffy’s first collection of poems in six years.  What begins as a meditation on duty, order, and the body, slowly breaks down into a collage of voices from beyond the map.  The work here is terse and uses a style that subtly evokes American greats like Robert Creeley, Jim Carroll, and Nick Flynn among others.  This first edition is out of 100 and features a full-color vellum jacket as well as cover artwork by Grand Rapids-based artist Pat Perry.

Both releases are available now in the TDH store

Press, Other Important News, and a 7″ Bundle!

Michigan Times writer June Hudson covered the Empty Orchestra 7″ release show earlier this month and wrote this nice piece about EO, the Flint Local 432, and the Flint music scene in general. Check it out if you’ve got a second.

Also, this Saturday, December 17th, The Local will be sponsoring an all-ages show with the Claudettes (ft. members of Oh my God); The Loose Ties; Chris Thibodeau; and Marriages, a glitched-out riffy two piece that will be releasing a limited cassette tape EP through TDH in the coming weeks. 7sharp-11 pm. 5$ cover. Do it.

Finally, in honor of BrandNewKindofPhotography’s praise of the newest Empty Orchestra full-length (which you can download here for FREE before the Paper + Plastick releases the limited copies on color wax), TDH is bundling all orders of the newest Empty Orchestra single with EO’s previous split 7″ with San Diego psych-crooners The Silverbird Band.  It’s on white wax and sure to please!  The deal is good through the end of December, or until we run out of splits, which might happen before then.  Do it.


Empty Orchestra – Crooked Limbs 7″ Available Now!

Empty Orchestra played their 7″ release show last night to a packed house at the Lunch Studio in Flint. If you weren’t able to make it to the show and pick up their hot new slab of wax in person, you can order it now through the TDH webstore. The release is available on marble green and opaque pink / clear vinyl and features a 6-panel, die-cut insert with artwork by Dave Kloc. The record also comes with a digital download card. Get one quick because these won’t be around for long.

Physical copies of the record are currently on sale at UHF in Royal Oak and Reckless Records’ Broadway location in Chicago.  More locations to be posted soon.